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What They’re Saying

“You're by far the best photographer we came across. You really understood what we wanted, and did not want on our day and nailed it! We can't thank you enough..”

Sandra Baker

“We felt really comfortable having our photos taken, we don't normally, so are thrilled with the results. Despite being a hectic day, you captured so many special memories not just of us, but our family and guests too..”

Janet Overbury

“With so much effort put in to our wedding it's been fabulous working together. You're very talented and passionate in what you do and our photos are stunning, so many great memories from the whole day..”

Sarah Aspey

All the moments.
Right there with you.

I invite you to discover sincere, authentic local wedding photography as an experience that is spontaneous and rewarding.
Have your magical day captured with reliable enthusiasm and make it a day to enjoy not endure.
I love and craft photos full of humanity, presented in filmic colour and timeless black and white. You’re going to love what I do with your wedding.
Treat yourself to a crafted studio grade production live on location - becuase every shot counts.

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Add to the memories you keep

I get to see weddings from the inside out so you can enjoy looking back in on the big day exactly as it unfolded.
Get invested and don’t leave to chance, to the ordinary, all the effort you’ll put into this one special day of commitment, love and celebration.
I’ve crafted this service to GUARANTEE a beautiful wedding day story.

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A Fabulous Experience

Forget tiresome, boring and intrusive.

Seamless photography from start to finish keeps the joy intact and the camera out of your face.

You’ll be the first to admit how much fun you had participating because the day doesn’t need to stop and start to take photos.

Discover free-flowing wedding portraits, serene details, and zany moments as they happen.

An Attentive Service

We all like to be handled with loving care.

Our time together will be honest, assured, ethical and respectful all the way.

Having shot thousands of wedding photos,  you can be sure of expert guidance from the very start.

Like you, these photos are for keeps. Perfect photography created with true passion for what you’ll remember and what you missed.

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Crafted Results

Straight-up, refreshing wedding photography without the hassle or hustle.

Short-cut to a better grade of coverage and quality guaranteed to be packed with flattering results and layers of lovely imagery.

After months of planning, be sure to receive the outcome you expect with a personal service that values your investment like no other Kent wedding photographer.


The Latest Styles

Enjoy the creation of emotive, ‘as it happens’ coverage with a signature blend of documentary and contemporary photography.

Client wishes are at the heart of this service and creatively fulfilled for wedding images that you really want, that truely fit your style.

Avoid dissapointment with authentic wedding photos of what’s important – the people you know and love.


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Every shot starts with an interesting composition. My experience, timing and patience arrange visual elements to pull you inside an image. I establish the scene and fill in the details considering subjects, movement, patterns, textures, colours and more. An ability to react quickly and creatively gives me the winning shots.


There’s nothing to see without light and there’s a big difference between ‘lighting’ and merely ‘illuminating’ in professional photography. i’ve developed a deep understanding of how to deal with natural light or create my own – essential in creating flattering, enjoyable images.


Many of my wedding images are deliberately shot without direct eye-contact to maintain a lovely natural, authentic feel. My photos can feel intimate without me ever being in your face or blinding you with lights. Observation and timing ensure I’ll be ready to document the genuine range of feelings that a wedding day brings to different people.


Don’t worry about how you will look on camera. Having photographed thousands of people, I’m here to bring out the best in you. I’ll give you guidance and confidence, quickly finding the best angles without you even noticing.


For the best results in any situation I use the finest equipment for perfect photography. You’ll enjoy lifelike views, all in focus with the ability to really explore each image and see things beautifully. Super high resolution also means you can print to a larger range of sizes effortlessly.


Each image is colour graded and finished by hand. My emphasis is on subtle shifts to enhance colour tones and skin without adding false colours. Your images will have the characterisitcs of film providing a final look that remains tasteful in years to come.


I don’t just take the photos out of the camera and deliver them. Distractions in your photos are dealt with such as dirt on the wedding dress, or unsightly objects in the scene – where it makes sense.

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