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'My goal is to make each client look and feel celebrated!'

Hey folks,  I’m Den the guy behind the camera and together with my wife founded Lovepear Photography to delight couples who desire to step away from the mediocre wedding look.  Fair to say, we’ve had a terrific response proving that quality is in demand.
If your wedding photos are just something you’re going through the motions with, what a shame.  If however, you see your wedding photos as a long-term keepsake, a legacy to invest in, I will make that happen for you in an amazing way.
Choose me if you prefer a photographer who works quietly and diligently during your wedding.  I’m not in your face all day or trying to ‘look’ professional by having lots of bulky equipment strapped to my body. With refined techniques, I have no need to shoot with the distraction of an assistant – and I will be in the right place at the right time.  Having received consistently positive feedback year-on-year, I would love you to also experience my talent, passion and energy for wedding photography that gets even better each season. People seem to love what I bring to their wedding day, without imposing demands, complexity or fuss. I believe that successful images are often reliant on a creative and well-developed working style, so it is not just the photography, but also the photographer that needs to gel with you to achieve great shots. My calm manor, approachable personality and humour helps bring out the best in people when it really matters. Hope to see you soon!

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Client photos to date:

Wow! our photos are simply incredible, you've captured the spirit of our wedding perfectly..

Catherine Robins

Style and Function

Stand-out photos

It’s all about pictures that give you something of interest, something to make you stop and look. I’ll shoot hundreds of photos from your wedding with variety not repetition.  Feel the excitement and value your time.

Enthusiastic service

Enjoy your day at your pace. I will quickly find the angles, lighting and backgrounds that bring charm and flattery to your portraits and candids in any live environment.  Trust in honest, dependable, reliable photography.

Creative effort

Real photography that absorbs the vibe of your wedding in creating pictures that are in some way a special and unique story for you. Celebrate bang up to date photography, for all venues and all seasons.