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Top 10 wedding traditions you never knew about

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wedding ceremony traditions

Your wedding ceremony will incorporate many traditions. 

During the ceremony you typically hear that the exchange of rings symbolises unending love, a circle with no begining or end – but did you know !

The bride is asked to stand to the left of the groom becuase history has it that  the groom needed to keep his right hand free to fight admirers of his bride.

In days gone by, newlyweds drunk honey wine for a full cycle of the moon following their wedding, hence, the term ‘honeymoon’.

The French started the traditon of wedding favors back in the 16th century.  Rich couples gave gifts of gems and gold.  Poorer couples would make and give ‘love knots’ made with lace and ribbon.

The white wedding dress is a tradition which began with Queen Victoria in 1840.

During the 17th century, if a bride arrived wearing makeup the marriage would be void.

The wedding bouquet has it’s origins in ancient times when women carried aromatic herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits.

Bridesmaids date to a superstition that stated a bride’s happiness would be protected by her attendants when dressed in a similar style to confuse and distract evil spirits.

The best man has the name refer to the quality of his swordmanship.  In history, weddings used as a business transaction required help for the groom to fight off angry family members or a run-away bride.

The top layer of a wedding cake is traditionally saved becuase the bride was expected to have a child within their first year together. The cake would be used at the child’s christening.

Cutting the wedding cake is meant to symbolise the first joint task in married life.

By the way,  as a wedding photographer we’re not allowed to take pictures of the marriage certificate and paperwork – if you’re wondering why this is I’m told it’s to stop possible fraud.   Any staged photos of you during the signing are made with blank pages,  but I’ll still get shots of you signing the real thing from an angle that doesn’t give anything away.