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For me it’s all about pictures that give you something of interest, something to make you stop and look.  I’ll shoot hundreds of photos from your wedding with variety not repetition.  Your wedding day photography will captures the atmosphere, the people and sights that will be all around you, giving you that connection with moments you remember well,  and moments that you inevitably missed in all the excitement.

My enthusiastic service

You don’t need to pose and feel stiff, just enjoy your day at your pace.  I will quickly find the angles, lighting and backgrounds that bring charm and flattery to your portraits in any live environment.  Just see the expressions on the faces of people in my gallery to witness how comfortable they are being photographed. You should never feel like a puppet to your wedding photographer,  so I invite you to put your trust in my safe hands.

My creative effort

My photography absorbs the vibe of your wedding in creating pictures that are in some way a special and unique story for you. Enjoy my refined wedding photography and gorgeous images created by visual storytelling.  With artistic and tasteful post-production your images are all professionally tweaked to perfection.   I create bang up to date wedding photography,  for all venues and all seasons.

It’s super important to treat yourself to honest and dependable professional photography!

Hi I’m Den your photographer, and together with my wife founded Lovepear Photography to delight couples with a premium standard of photography at sensible prices.  The response has been fantastic! 

Here’s how it works: you’ll hire me as a professional,  but I’ll blend in more like a guest at your wedding. I always do my best to work quietly and diligently in delivering a candid working style – one that doesn’t resort to being in your face all day or trying to ‘look’ professional by having lots of bulky equipment strapped to my body.  With refined techniques,  I work and shoot solo with no need for the distraction of an assistant – and I’ll be in the right place at the right time anticipating every photographic opportunity on the day. I’m blessed with consistent positive feedback year-on-year, and I’d love you to also experience my talent, passion and energy for fabulous wedding photography that gets even better each season. People seem to love what I bring to their wedding day, without imposing demands, complexity or fuss. Successful images are often reliant on a creative and well developed working style, so it’s not just the photography,  but the photographer that needs to gel with you to achieve great shots.  My calm manor, approachable personality and humour helps bring out the best in people when it really matters. It’s paramount that all clients are made to feel comfortable, and that starts with photography that is sensitive to your specific requests. I invite you to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about making the best choice for your photos and your photographer.

wedding photography by Lovepear

Lovepear your Wedding Photographer

The photos are simply incredible, you've captured the essence of the day perfectly and creatively. You've worked miracles with the lighting and colour... The combination of photos is really fantastic, so many key moments and so many emotions!

Kate Robinson

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