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Enjoy thousands of sample photos from my Kent wedding photography, featuring real weddings shot with people just like you. All images represent the Lovepear style and quality that you can be guaranteed to receive with any wedding day booking.  Each and every client will always receive hundreds of bespoke images from their wedding. You too can enjoy these emotions, sights and colours right here in the Lovepear wedding photography gallery.

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You always remember how people make you feel.  Marriage is beautiful.

A wedding day is a celebration of everything that you both represent together. The photos you keep will be your legacy. 

I believe quality wedding photography is an investment.

Photography is not for your wedding day, but for the weeks, years and generations that follow.

Images to share and feelings that can instantly take you right back to those precious moments of joy, romance and passion.

Give yourself permission to see how your new life together began in glorious imagery.

Book me as your Kent wedding photographer for sentimental coverage and no regrets.